Tracy’s expertise as a former litigator paired with her experience counseling employers on a wide range of human resources and employment law matters informs a comprehensive perspective on effective human resources strategy. 

As a black woman and an attorney, Tracy offers her lived experiences, her expertise, and her intuition to enhance your HR function so that your HR function can enhance the overall success of your organization, decrease attrition, decrease the likelihood of workplace complaints, and avoid costly litigation.

Internal Audit Service

  • During Audit

    • Assess current state of HR policies and practices to determine areas for improvement;

    • On-site review of employee communication materials, employee files, personnel files, and employment law-related compliance assessment;

    • Audit operational records for compliance with Wage and Hour laws;

    • Audit for compliance with OSHA’s workplace safety regulations.

  • Post-Audit

    • Detailed report of recommendations;

    • Training on future best practices and toolkits;

  • Guidelines and materials including decision maps for managers.

Internal Investigations

  • Alleged harassment or discrimination;

  • Alleged violations of OSHA

  • Alleged violations of Wage and Hour laws.

Employee Handbook

Her team will audit your personnel files and update or customize your employee handbooks to ensure legal compliance and decrease costly risk associated with out-of-date workplace rules, practices, or procedures. For instance weapons in the workplace, equal employment opportunity, and reasonable accommodation including medical marijuana. 

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

For organizations with 50 or more employees, her team will customize policy and practices for Family and Medical Leave Act compliance.