The Law Offices of Tracy Vroom & Tracy Vroom Consulting, LLC are full-service labor and employment boutique services. 

The Law Office provide bespoke counseling to C-level business executives who are committed to creating more inclusive workplaces across race, age, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, and disability. Tracy’s expertise as a litigator, paired with her experience training employers and employees on a wide range of labor and employment matters, offers a unique and comprehensive perspective on best practices.

Tracy Vroom Consulting, LLC addresses workplace culture. Through lived experience, research into organizational psychology, and 10+ years of experience as an attorney, we have developed strategies that help teams and organizations perform better.  The results are organizations with decreased attrition and workplace complaints, and lowered risk for litigation.

Even organizations with a robust Human Resources department, routinely need an independent perspective and a fresh ideas. Our practical approach fosters a broad willingness to objectively acknowledge opportunities to introduce state of the art improvements for a modern workplace.

Internal Audit Service

  • During Audit

    • Assess current state of HR policies and practices to determine areas for improvement;

    • On-site review of employee communication materials, employee files, personnel files, and employment law-related compliance assessment;

    • Audit operational records for compliance with Wage and Hour laws;

    • Audit for compliance with OSHA’s workplace safety regulations.

  • Post-Audit

    • Detailed report of recommendations;

    • Training on future best practices and toolkits;

  • Guidelines and materials including decision maps for managers.

Internal Investigations

  • Alleged harassment or discrimination;

  • Alleged violations of OSHA

  • Alleged violations of Wage and Hour laws.


  • Update and rollout revised employee handbook, position descriptions, goal setting, benefits & compensation.

Selecting & Developing Talent

  • Talent Assessment

  • Performance Management

  • Training and Development

  • Coaching

  • Employee Relations


  • Diversity

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Implicit Bias

Workplace Culture & Engagement

We apply evidence-based research to: 

  1. Identify workplace purpose & values;

  2. Encourage a network of multidisciplinary teams and flattening of hierarchies;

  3. Encourage experimentation and adaptation that leads to innovation & growth;

  4. Get rid command-and-control structures in order to encourage freedom and accountability;

  5. Aim for distributed authority;

  6. Leverage technology to make data available & increase transparency; and

  7. Make use of the diversity of skills and talents that are present within organizations.

Internal Communication + Crisis Communication

Decrease operating costs and training expenses by increasing employee engagement and retention. 

  • Implement a "radical transparency communication program" that encourages cross-functional employees to speak up about risks.

  • Monitor communications to identify emerging legal risks.

Counsel senior executives on crisis communication, internal communication, and change management related to litigation. 

  • Save $7+ millions in litigation costs and penalties.

  • Influence the opinion of target audiences, such as juries, via formal presentations, evidentiary memoranda, and formal correspondence.

  • Develop and implemented employee training and programming on best practices for legally compliant and culturally inclusive workplaces.