Law Offices of Tracy A. Vroom

The Law Offices of Tracy A. Vroom provides legal representation and counseling to clients across industries that have employment law and human resources concerns.

Clients of Tracy Vroom Consulting, LLC are free to work with any law firm of their choosing.

Workplace Culture & Engagement Strategist 

I use to evidence-based research to: 

  1. Identify workplace purpose & values;
  2. Encourage a network of multidisciplinary teams and flattening of hierarchies;
  3. Communicate supportive leadership;
  4. Encourage experimentation and adaptation that leads to innovation & growth;
  5. Get rid command-and-control structures to encourage freedom and accountability;
  6. Aim for distributed authority;
  7. Leverage technology to make data available & increase transparency; and
  8. Make use of the diversity of skills and talents that are present within organizations.

Associate - Calfee, Halter, & Griswold, LLC

  • Counseled senior executives on crisis communication, internal communication, and change management related to litigation.
  • Facilitated significantly reduced expenses on litigation costs and penalties.
  • Successfully persuaded juries to reach desired verdicts via formal presentations, oral arguments, and evidentiary memoranda.
  • Developed and conducted employee training and programming on best practices for legally compliant and culturally inclusive workplaces.

Special Assistant U.S. Attorney - U.S. Department of Labor & U.S. Department of Justice 

  • Prosecuted criminal and civil violations of law.
  • Surpassed the ambitious transparency-in-communication goals of the Obama administration; especially regarding high-profile prosecutions.

Judicial Law Clerk - U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania 

  • Developed written material including research, analysis, and advice.
  • Promoted to Senior Law Clerk.
  • Managed teams of interns and lawyers.

Areas of Interest/Expertise


  • Persuasive Writer - I write to influence. 
  • Culturally Agile - My hobbies are travel and cultural immersion.
  • Introspective Story-teller - The truth is much more inspiring than fiction.